A Few Tips on How to Create an SEO Friendly Web Design

Creating an SEO Friendly Web Design has currently become the need of the hour as the importance of SEO is dawning on businesses. This blog focuses on the key essentials which you should focus on in order to have a website which can be easily captured by many Search Engines. Do you already have a website and are looking to either do a search engine optimization or develop a mobile version? Are you looking at rendering a responsive web design? Read on.

SEO Friendly Web Design

SEO Friendly Web Design

Points to Keep in Mind for an SEO Friendly Web Design

While many SEO techniques are followed correctly, the following sometimes tend to be missed.

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Incorporation of Keywords:

Pay attention to the use of keywords in a meaningful manner. This should begin from your URL. Also use tools like Google Analytics to understand the most often used keywords and incorporate these in your website. Add images as they enrich the value provided.

Connection to Social Media Platforms:

It is essential that you have various Social Media Platforms automatically integrated in your website. The more your website is shared across these platforms, the greater is the visibility.

Showcase Name, Address, and Phone Number Prominently:

Ensure that your business details like Name, Address, and Phone Numbers are seen clearly. If possible place it at the bottom of every page.


Incorporate Keywords, Connect Social Media and Add NAP


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What Makes a Web Design a Responsive One?

A website design which opens and provides the same information on any device on which it is viewed is called a responsive web design. Currently designers are using Bootstrap for responsive web designing and it is getting more and more popular in the web development industry.

Designing Responsive or Mobile Web Design:

While designing mobile version or responsive web design keep following in mind:

Quick Loading Speed:

Slow loading speed hampers the responsive nature of any website. This is caused due to a badly incorporated CMS, heavy media files, or an inelegant coding structure. Avoid these hindrances!

Prioritize Content:

It is important to have a content flow chart, and to design the website around the content flow. This sort of content mapping helps a designer know what spaces will not have content. Consequently, this improves the web design and makes it responsive.

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Ease of Navigation:

A web design which is cumbersome to navigate will surely not result in a responsive site! Generate your wireframes, and keep improvising on it till it is powerful, yet easy to use.

On-Page Optimization Loadtime Content Navigation

On-Page Optimization Loadtime Content Navigation

Should I Opt for a Mobile Site or Go for a Responsive Web Design?

A mobile site of a website is a website design which has been specifically created to render it on a mobile device. A Mobile Site is a good choice to opt for when restructuring a website to make it responsive is expensive and cumbersome. Here is a technical guide for responsive web designs with CSS basics and Bootstrap.

Mobile Site or Responsive Web Design

Should I Opt for a Mobile Site or Go for a Responsive Web Design?

However, there is a need to create a separate domain name for your business to have a mobile site. On the contrary, with a responsive web design, immaterial of where the website is seen, search engines attribute it to the same website. Responsive web designs are also easier to search and less expensive in the long run.

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The verdict is:

Go for a responsive design. It pays in the long run.
What are your thoughts? We would love to hear from you!

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A Few Tips on How to Create an SEO Friendly Web Design
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A Few Tips on How to Create an SEO Friendly Web Design
Understand the essentials required to come up with a web design which is SEO friendly.

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