eCommerce Web Design Trends and Best Practices for 2015

Three eCommerce Best Practices which will Make Waves in 2015

eCommerce is swiftly emerging as the next big industry. More and more shoppers are shopping from eCommerce portals. Given this trend, it is pertinent to give adequate attention to the web design and website development of eCommerce portals by adopting the latest trends which enhance user traffic. Here are three trends and best practices that you can adopt this year and rake in the moolah!

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eCommerce Industry Growth Worldwide

eCommerce Industry Growth Worldwide

Image Courtesy: Forrester Research, Inc.

Flat Designs are the way forward

Flat Designs built on the fundamentals of minimalism have taken the Internet by storm. Surreal effects created by three dimensional designs have given way to realism generated by Flat Designs. If you are going to start and eCommerce platform or if you want to revamp your existing site, embrace Flat Designs. They are your ticket to more traffic and buys.

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Flat Web Design blend the user experience with the challenges of screen size and create an on-screen experience

Flat Web Designs are Concise and Exude an Aura of Simplicity

User Experience, Micro UI Effects and Transitions/Transition

When you shop in a retail shop, the shopping experience is defined by the products of the store and the person at the sales counter. On an eCommerce website, the shopping experience is defined by the user experience of the site. The better the user experience, the more likely is a person to visit your site. Flat designs add a few notches to the user experience. But how do you bring in the human touch provided by a great sales person?

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Design Keeping User Experience in Mind

Design Keeping User Experience in Mind

By using micro UI (User Interface) effects and transitions bring in that little personal touch. Quirky transitions which seamlessly pop-out messages, animations, or subtle color changes catapult a user experience. Carefully placed animations and color changes discretely help a user to navigate effortlessly. Hassle-free navigation aids in locating what a user wants with ease. This boosts up the user experience by a few notches.

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Mega Menu and Tiled Navigation

Mega Menu is a horizontal menu bar located at the top of a site. It lists all the main tabs of a site. This is especially useful for an eCommerce portal as you can quickly summarize the different categories of products in a snapshot. As a user hovers over the elements of the mega menu, the other sub categories seamlessly blend out. This provides the user with an immediate understanding of the kinds of products your portal has.

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Mega Menu and Tiled Navigation

Mega Menu Quickly Summarize Subcategories and Items in a Snapshot

Image tiles used to promote and facilitate navigation add a lot to the usability of a site. No one has the patience to read volumes of text. Instead high resolution product images and relevant image tiles convey and communicate. By adopting a tiled navigation, your eCommerce website will provide a better user experience to your user.

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Web Design of eCommerce Portals

Adopt these trends and you will certainly be a top garner!

With the bludgeoning clamor for eCommerce websites, web design of eCommerce portals has started incorporating many elements to enrich the user experience which would result in good profits. Adopt these trends and you will certainly be a top garner!

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eCommerce Web Design Trends and Best Practices for 2015
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eCommerce Web Design Trends and Best Practices for 2015
eCommerce best practices and trends to follow in 2015. More and more shoppers are shopping from eCommerce portals.

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