How to Reduce the Load Time in Responsive Web Design

The responsive web design is slower as compared to mobile site, but can provide best user experience, here is how to reduce the load time for a responsive web design.

Responsive web designs have been the buzz word in the industry ever since the mobile internet traffic has increased. Responsive web design will continue to be of primordial importance as web designs have to cater to customers viewing websites from multiple kinds of electronic devices. Most of the web design Dubai companies these days are preferring responsive web designing. A responsive web design will enable a website to be viewed from any electronic gadget and automatically re-size to ensure that the website viewing is user friendly.  A responsive web design does away with the need to have separate mobile sites to aid viewing on smart phones and other mobile devices.

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Responsive Web Designs are Slow - Poor Load Time

Responsive Web Designs have Slower Load Time

One major challenge facing a responsive web design has been the loading time. The loading time of a website is the time taken to view the website on the device. A responsive web design takes more than 2-3 times the loading time of a mobile site. This leads to a longer user wait time and hence a sense of disappointment on the web design. The premise of this blog is to elucidate some of the reasons which lead to a slowing down of the loading time of responsive web designs, and to find ways to reduce this.

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Responsive Web Designs are User Friendly

Responsive Web Designs Increase the User Experience

Three Reasons which contribute to the slow loading time of responsive web designs:

  • Graphics and animation: Graphics and animations lead to a lot of time being consumed for loading. The more intense the graphics or animation, the slower is the loading of a responsive web design.
  • Visuals, images, and multimedia: Visuals, images, and multimedia also contribute heavily towards the time being consumed while loading a responsive website. The size of each of these constituents, directly impacts the loading time.
  • Poor programming: Programming which entails frequent page transitions and non-optimal looping derails the loading process.
HD Graphics, Animations and Visual Effects Makes a Web Design Slow

Graphics and Animations lead to a lot of time being consumed for loading

How to reduced the load time in a responsive web design?

  1. Keep your site more content driven than feature driven. This means that your web design must eschew inappropriate and unwarranted use of graphics and animation.
  2. Loading images through CSS and using media queries to mask them whenever required, will enhance the speed of loading of a responsive website.
  3. Use Bootstrap for responsive web designs.
  4. By incorporating CSS3 instead of images, the loading time of a responsive website can be drastically reduced.
  5. By using embedded scalable vector graphics, SVG, a responsive web design can be made to have a faster loading time.
  6. You should also split content in a suitable manner across multiple pages, which not only increases the user friendliness in terms of design but also in terms of loading speed and navigation.
  7. Keeping redirection on a page to as minimum as possible will facilitate a faster loading speed for a responsive web design.
Use CSS3, HTML5, SVG and Media Queries to Reduce the Load Time

Use of Latest Technologies can reduce the load time in responsive designs

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The designer has to keep in mind that while a responsive web design comes with a hoard of benefits, suitable programming and smart tricks have to be used so that the loading speed is good. Else the intent and purpose of a responsive web design are lost. Follow the tips and see the increase!

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How to Reduce the Load Time in Responsive Web Design
Article Name
How to Reduce the Load Time in Responsive Web Design
The responsive web design takes 2 - 3 times more time than mobile site. Here is how to reduce the load time for responsive websites.

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