User Experience in a Flat User Interface Design – Web Design Dubai Trends

Flat User Interface design has revolutionized the web space. This blog of ours focuses on how the user experience has been catapulted by the advent of a flat user interface. Flat designs are also very trendy world wide and web design Dubai industry is also welcoming them in the year 2015.


Information Presentation

The nicest thing about a flat user interface is that the UI is simple and easy on the eye. Unlike older UIs which cluttered a page with too much information, in a flat user interface the information presented is less. This helps a user to read and understand better. It also enhances the user experience because the user is not overwhelmed with too much information.

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Content And Ease Of Navigation

You cannot pack a flat user interface with too much information. This means that you have to choose the content with care. Succinct and relevant information conveyed in the shortest way possible is the buzzword for a flat user interface. This also helps in making the navigation more user-friendly. In flat UIs a lot of thought is put into how the content flows through the pages, so that the user understands what is being conveyed. Simple styling and effortless flow are the foundations on which flat user interfaces are built.

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Any software is bound by the boundaries to which the hardware can be stretched. A flat user interface hardly takes too much space. Hence creating responsive web designs is easy. This means that Flat UIs can easily be rendered without any loss on any electronic device, be it laptops or smart phones. Now with Google’s mobile friendly update coming into place, this responsiveness of a website is attaining a greater relevance and importance. Loading time and number of pages are also comprehensively reduced in a flat UI.

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Best Practises to be Adopted or Observed!

-Design Inspiration: A move towards minimalism is not easy as it looks! When usual UI charmers and gimmicks are removed while create a flat user interface, one does not have enough elements to play around with. It is always good to seek inspiration from the pre-PC times. You can hunt for minimalism painters and artists and seek to get inspired by the way in which they have used designs.

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-Compare different versions of the web design by keeping them in parallel view. This helps to know if any progress in UX has been made and if aesthetics have been bettered.

-Use the grid smartly. By using the grid intelligently to help in defining the content elements and the functional groups.

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-Get creative in using the grid. Having to eschew the usage of 3D elements, showcase using the elements of minimalism as the main focus.

-You can also create a larger and more intricate grid than you usually use. See how additional information can be conveyed through subtleties and without having to resort to larger spaces.

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-Use bold colors. Do not hesitate. Flat UI promotes the use of bold colors!

-Experiment with whacky fonts. The user experience goes up by a few notches!

Flat user interfaces are here to stay. Master minimalism and master the web world!

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User Experience in a Flat User Interface Design – Web Design Dubai Trends
Article Name
User Experience in a Flat User Interface Design – Web Design Dubai Trends
This blog focuses on how the user experience has been catapulted by the advent of a flat user interface design - web design Dubai trends.

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