RSI Queuing System Installed at Life Line Hospital Dubai

A brand new and personalized RSI Queuing System has been integrated with the existing framework at Life Line Hospital Dubai.

Lifeline Hospital, Dubai is a multi-speciality facility which provides care for the primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare segments across the emirates. The medical facility is synonymous for provisioning of compassionate care which is a confluence of a very kind and highly educated staff, world class technology embedded in its infrastructure, and an overall mission to heal. The hospital is always filled with patients who trust the organization to render world class care. In order to service their patient better, Lifeline Hospital approached RSI Concepts to design a customized queue management system for them.

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RSI Concepts in Dubai is a very well reputed creator of active queue management systems. RSI Queuing System has successfully increased servicing efficiency of multiple businesses across diverse industries.


The teams from Life Line Hospital Dubai and RSI Concepts first met and deliberated over the various parameters to be considered and factored in for, while developing an active queue management system. This brainstorming resulted in the chalking out of the framework for the queuing system to be developed.  With this clarity in mind, the team from RSI Concepts began designing and personalizing an RSI Queuing System for Life Line hospital Dubai. This queue management system was so created that it could be seamlessly integrated within the existing framework without causing too much of a disturbance to the prevalent ecosystem.

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The RSI Queuing System designed for Life Line Hospital Dubai has a very active queue manager and a very user friendly system for navigation. The staffs were able to easily grasp its functioning when the system was installed. The customer friendly panels are enhanced by the intuitive user experienced provided by the QMS.

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Project Manager Mr.Shehzad Asgher of RSI Concepts says, “This QMS designed for Life Line Hospital Dubai was amongst our most challenging and refreshing projects. We gained tremendous insights into the medical field and the functioning of a hospital. The team from Life Line Hospital collaborated and helped us at every step. So the entire development and delivery stage was smooth and hassle free. RSI Queuing System is always built on cutting edge technology tools which make them very robust, agile and user friendly. This QMS which we have developed for Life Line Hospital is also on a similar technology backdrop. Additionally, we have taken a lot of effort and care to make it extremely customer friendly as we wanted it to ease the burden of waiting for the treatment seeking patients.”

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The RSI Queuing System incorporated in Life Line Hospital Dubai has already made a vast change in the running of operations of the hospital. Customer wait time and service rendering times have optimized. This ensures that a patient seeking relief is attended to at the earliest. Definitely a way forward in hospital management!

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RSI Queuing System Installed at Life Line Hospital Dubai
Life Line Hospital Dubai acquired RSI Queuing System which proved as widely used and most cost effective queue management system in UAE.

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