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Parking Guidance System

A parking management and guidance system keeps track of large parking spaces that cannot be monitored by without employing large number of monitoring staff. Places like airports, shopping malls, and dedicated parking lots require efficient monitoring of occupied and vacant parking spaces. Parking guidence system helps the on-site management staff to effectively guide the incoming vehicles towards vacant spaces which avoids unwanted congestion in various sections of the parking lot as visitors tend to follow a similar route while searching for parking spaces.

A "parking management and guidance" or automatic parking system helps mall authorities to cut down on physical presence of volunteers and extensive inter-communication with supervisors over the status of a particular section of the parking lot. RSI Concepts car parking sensor system transmits real-time signals to various signage platforms and also to the central monitoring office. This data not only helps incoming vehicles to decide their course of movement in the parking lot, but also informs monitoring authorities of the overall situation of the parking lot. An hourly, daily, weekly and monthly report of the parking lot and its usage can be generated and used for future decision making with regards to expansion or modification of parking facilities.

Parking Guidance System

Features of RSI Parking Management & Guidance System

Ultrasonic Detector

Parking Guidance System - Ultrasonic  Detector
This state of the art vehicle detection device uses the latest ultra sonic technology and is widely used in central parking systems. This device is placed right above the parking bay and identifies any vehicle that has entered in the bay. On successful detection, the detector relays information to display LEDs in the various sections of the parking lots which updates the number of vacant spaces. A similar output is also sent to the parking management software which notifies the parking monitoring office.

LED Indicator

Parking Guidance System - LED Indicator
The LED indicator is one of the most important components of the parking management and guidance system. It is placed above the parking bay and shows a green light if it is vacant and a red light if it is occupied. This LED indicator is visible from far away and notifies the driver if there is empty space in a particular lane or not. This prevents unwanted movement and congestion in the parking lot due to visitors looking out for parking spaces.

Node Controller

Parking Guidance System - Node Controller
The parking management and guidance system can be used by dividing the parking lot in groups for effective management. Every node controller is connected to multiple ultrasonic detectors and accepts their signals. The node controller further communicates with the central controller which updates the LED displays and the parking management and guidance software.

Central Controller (General Edition)

Parking Guidance System - Central Controller (General Edition)
The central controller is the backbone of the parking management and guidance system. It captures data from all the node controllers and updates the display LEDs and central parking guidance software. The general edition of the central controller does not store data within itself and requires the central parking guidance software to be installed on a server for intercommunication.

Central Controller (Premium Edition)

Parking Guidance System - Central Controller (Premium Edition)
The premium edition of the central controller is pre-installed with a parking guidance system and can store data for several months. The stored data can be accessed via a web interface. This controller is widely used with parking ticket software for all types of central parking systems. RSI Concepts is a well reputed company that offers a complete range of central parking systems in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman and all regions of Northern UAE.

Indoor LED Displays

Parking Guidance System - Indoor LED Displays
The indoor LED displays help the incoming visitors know the status of a particular section within the parking lot. The LED displays the number of vacant parking spaces by receiving information from the central controller. Our parking guidence system comes with a wide variety LED Displays.

Outdoor LED Displays

Parking Guidance System - Outdoor LED Displays
The outdoor LED Display shows the vacant spaces of all the parking lots on a single display board. It helps the incoming visitor to skip a particular section of the parking area if it is completely occupied or has very less space. This helps in effective redirection of the traffic and avoiding congestion in areas where parking is not available.

Parking Guidance and Management Software

Parking Guidance System - Management Software
This web based application displays a virtual map of the parking lot. It updates the status of each parking bay as soon as it is occupied or vacant. The system is smart enough to identify wrongly parked vehicles and allows manual status updating of a particular parking lot to display the exact number of free parking spaces. Our parking ticket software comes with very easy-to-use user interface and we deals in all regions of UAE including Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

Advantages of Parking Guidance & Management System:

  • Parking Guidance System  Effective display, management and guidance of parking      lots
  • Parking Guidance System  Real time monitoring and decision making of the         whole parking lot from a single centralized software
  • Parking Guidance System  Generate statistical reports of daily and monthly         usage of the car park.
  • Parking Guidance System  Calculate average time of parking bay utilization.
  • Parking Guidance System  Avoid congestion and unwanted traffic with the help of     effective signage within the parking lot.