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Improve customers waiting time - Over 1,500 implementations worldwide

The RSI's Queuing System is a hit with clients

RSI Concepts is reputed throughout the UAE for its dexterity in the field of technological innovations. With its esteemed range of products and services, the company has always strived to improve its clients’ productivity and maximize their profits. The new state-of-the-art Queuing System designed and developed by RSI is an exemplary product that allows companies dealing with heavy human footfalls to organize their customers in an intelligent manner by leveraging business and environment based parameters.

Important Components of the RSI Queue Manager

Ever since its launch, the ‘RSI Queue manager’ has been quite sought-after by clients witnessing massive traffic on a daily basis. This queuing system consists of a host of attractive, informative and useful features such as active queue management, kiosk machine, customer display screens, ticket dispenser and ticket printer that can be of immense advantage both to support executives as well as end customers. The queue agent display helps customer support executives to organize information and manage customers proactively. The queue sound manager feature facilitates clear announcements, along with providing a host of other timing controlled audio playback, support and synchronization features. RSI also provides Digital Signage and Video Wall Solutions that is gaining increasing popularity as a preferred medium for advertising as well as to display important information relevant to customers. These ntegral system components of the RSI queue manager together help to organize thousands of customers in an efficient way, vis-à-vis providing excellent service and support to them.

Advantages of the RSI Queue manager

Here are a few reasons that have made the RSI Queue manager so popular:

  • It helps to keep a track of customer flow and forecast future footfalls
  • It optimizes the utilization of customer support resources
  • It helps managers to continually monitor and control their staff’s performance
  • It streamlines operations, reduces manual effort, increases productivity and boosts the staff’s morale
  • It reduces system errors and organizes information in a systematic and flawless manner
  • It helps to allocate counters for any service and allows the system to transfer /distribute queues to other counters
  • It back-up data constantly. In case of a power failure, it continues to issue sequential queue numbers when the power is backed-up
  • It generates daily and monthly reports for managerial reference for the purpose of analysis or decision making

The Queuing System provided by RSI, clearly provides better time-saving tools to customer service agents, better control to managers and better experience to customers. It also helps customers to make better use of their waiting time. Our interactive kiosk, digital signage and customer display screens offer dynamic and relevant promotional or informative messages that keep customers engaged while they are waiting for their turn.

Most importantly, the QMS helps to maintain order in the waiting areas. Managing hundreds of customers can be a daunting challenge. But clear information dissemination and systematic client handling can lead to an overall happy customer experience.

The Queue Management System has proved to be a dynamic tool that can organize, handle, service and support thousands of customers who cannot be entertained by a limited number of customer support executives all at once. The fact that it actually boosts productivity provides better control and slashes costs of hiring additional resources to cater to massive customer traffic makes it a sure-shot hit with the clients.